Lettering & Logos

Highest quality for your yacht

In absolute accordance with your wishes and design ideas, we apply sophisticated craftsmanship and the highest quality materials to produce 3D lettering and logos for your sailing and motor yachts, regardless of the size and design of the ship.

Extravagant or classically discreet; futuristic or with retro accents; straight or bevelled edges, various stainless steel surfaces or coloured acrylic fronts; lacquered versions or with the finest porcelain covers; single or multi-coloured or with computer-controlled RGB colour change – the choice is yours, and there are no limits to your imagination.

Not only do we produce with the highest precision according to your design specifications, we also work in close cooperation with you to develop your individual desired design and advise you on font selection, materials and surface refinement. Our unique know-how and many years of hands-on experience guarantees you the best solution. And with our comfortable Design Generator, you can let your own creativity run free.

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Handcrafted production in our own and in highly qualified facilities in Germany

In addition to the first-class design, the incomparable quality of all YACHTLITE products is the result of excellent craftsmanship, optimum durability and high resistance even to extreme weather conditions and temperature fluctuations. This is due to the processing of high-quality materials and components, the elaborate craftsmanship as well as the installation carried out with the utmost care by experienced specialists.

Advantages of YACHTLITE products at a glance

  • Dimmable
  • Adaptable to on-board lighting control systems
  • Freely selectable cable outlets
  • No specified grid dimensions
  • Shock- and waterproof, invisible sealing of the durable LEDs
  • Available in all standard LED colours and RGB colour change
  • Can be tailored to individual requirements
  • Perfect homogeneous illumination, absolutely light-spot free


With the YACHTLITE Design Generator you can create your own personal design for the name of your yacht in just a few minutes.

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  1. UV-resistant, high-quality acrylic ensures longevity without discolouration.
  2. The position of each individual LED is precisely calculated to ensure uniform luminance. The LEDs are embedded in the acrylic by hand and are not visible at any point.
  3. The pictured hull curvature was measured with a 3D laser and the reverse side of the lettering was manufactured accordingly for an absolutely precise fit.
  4. The front element reflects the existing curvature.
  5. The precise fit is guaranteed by CNC form millers and laser cutting machines.
  6. Fronts can be made of stainless steel, gold leaf, acrylic, adhesive film, precious wood, yacht standard lacquer, porcelain or many other materials. PVD coatings are another surface option.
  7. Bevelled or rounded edges elegantly enhance the light reflection.