FloorLite & RoomLite

Illuminating inlays and spatial lighting solutions

FloorLite – Homogeneous illuminating inlays

FloorLite elements consist of solid modified acrylic in which the LEDs are securely sealed. The walkable, front-lit elements are flush-mounted into the flooring. Thanks to the special surface of the FloorLites, it is possible to sand floors or decks without removing the illuminating elements.

FloorLites are available in any shape, in the standard LED colours and also with RGB colour change. The cable outlet position is freely selectable.

Multiple application possibilities for interior and exterior

FloorLite elements from YACHTLITE can be used in a variety of applications for both interior and exterior use. They are ideally suited, for example, for:

  • teak decks
  • dance floors
  • pool floors
  • floor inlays
  • SPA areas
  • stairways

FloorLite - the advantages at a glance

  • Solid acrylic material
  • Freely selectable cable outlets
  • No cavities, therefore no air and no condensation water
  • Sandable surface
  • Freely selectable shapes
  • Walkable and resilient
  • For exterior and interior use
  • Dimmable
  • Available in all standard LED colours and RGB colour change
  • Adaptable to on-board lighting control systems
  • Can be tailored to individual requirements
  • Perfect homogeneous illumination, absolutely light-spot free

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FloorLite Teak sanding

The tread resistant FloorLite elements are levelled and embedded into the flooring and can be sanded in one operation together with the teak wood during later refits.