YachtLites – The Original

The highest quality to be found in the harbours today.

YACHTLITE supplies an exclusive range of top quality products designed to enhance the interior and exterior of your yacht.

Since 2002 YACHTLITE has delivered over 5,000 "Yachtlites" world wide for yachts up to 163 metres in length, and is today the world market leader for manufacturing illuminating lettering.

In close cooperation with shipyards, yacht designers, constructors and owners YACHTLITE's team can realise every conceivable special request.

At YACHTLITE we are proud of the unequalled diversity of lettering styles. And, of course it goes without saying that top quality and exclusive workmanship is guaranteed. Each Yachtlite is unique and it is this uniqueness that honours yacht, shipyard and owner.

Stainless Steel Surface

The stainless steel used for YACHTLITE letterings is of the highest quality possible.

Not only does this perfect quality reflect the elegance and nobility of your yacht, but the highly polished surface also reflects the surrounding ambiance.

The standard stainless steel thickness is 3 mm, but up to 20 mm is also possible. Optionally the steel can be PVD coated.

Front-Lighted Lettering

Front lighted letterings belong to the standards at YACHTLITE.

Whether the complete lettering or a particular part of the lettering is front lighted, this effect brings a new and enlightening dimension to your yacht's name.

In these examples, the tick in "Easy Ad" and the TONGUE, including the logo, both have complete front lighting using red and white acrylic.

Laminated Film in Various Colours

Give the name of your yacht your favourite colour.

The wide range of colours for YACHTLITE's laminated film coverings gives you the opportunity to create your lettering personally and individually in the colour of your choice.

And of course, the high performance film used by YACHTLITE guarantees weather, saltwater and UV resistant results.

Acrylic Front

An alternative front variation is coloured acrylic in many different colours.

This option is an economical and at the same time significant variant. Bevelled borders are also possible with these fronts.

The solid acrylic can be imbued with your desired colour.

Laquered Surface

High quality laquered surfaces in all RAL and AWL colours.

Special laquer is of course available on request.

An exact and individual match to the yacht laquer has often been requested and is of course possible. We will happily add that extra touch of exclusivity to your lettering.

Signs and Logos

The combination of sophisticated design and technical know-how is a YACHTLITE core competence. Every idea and every symbol can be accurately presented. Even very small and filigrane emblems and logos become radiant displays, for example the logos from shipbuilders and ship owning companies.

YACHTLITE can realise any imaginable logo design – in almost any form.



  • 10 mm satined acrylic
  • Vinyl film front


  • 10 mm satined acrylic
  • 3 mm mirror quality stainless steel front

CustomLine Plus

  • 10 mm satined acrylic
  • 3 mm mirror quality stainless steel front
  • Polished edges

Our YACHTLITE standards are all available in seven different light colours (warm and cold white, yellow, orange, red, green and blue) or RGB colour change.

All surfaces are available in a manifold of options. Gold plated or PVD coating are additionally available.

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