YACHTLITE Assembly and Mounting

Convincingly Perfect Technology

With state-of-the-art technology "Made in Germany", quality and professionalism YACHTLITE realises your wishes with utmost precision.

YACHTLITE products are naturally of unbeatable quality, but our responsibility does not stop there. Accurate assembly is imperative and we ensure that all letterings, signs and logos are perfectly mounted onto your yacht. Precise assembly instructions are given as a matter of course and if required we will personally oversee the assembly at the location of your yacht.

All provided accessories and assembly materials are naturally manufactured to YACHTLITE's stringent quality standard.

Seawater Proof, Durable, Perfect and Safe:

In this photo you see a finished, assembled lettering with 3 mm thick polished stainless steel, form-fittingly embedded in a 20 mm thick acrylic corpus. The illuminants are permanently and optimally protected by special incorporation in the acrylic glass.

Infiltration of air or dampness along with condensation of fluids on the illuminants is not possible excluding all eventuality of corrosion. It is never a necessity for YACHTLITE to offer a "refit".

Dimensions and Minimum Size:

The basis for lettering orders is the height of the capital letters (1). The overall height of the lettering (2) can vary from this height if, as shown in this image letters such as “d” are included with letters such as “y”. Our design-generator can calculate the exact height and width (3) of your lettering.

The only restriction: with narrow typefaces the width at the narrowest point must be at least 14 mm (4). If you nevertheless wish for such a typeface our designers can modify and strengthen the lettering to accommodate your wishes. If necessary you will receive an alternative solution with your requested typeface using a different technology.

The Assembly Template:

Now nothing can go awry. Together with each lettering we deliver an exact template with the precise positions of the drill holes for the assembly bolts and the electricity supply. The templates show, even with single letters, the entire lettering.

All letters are joined by one ligament, which enables the correct distance and angle between the letters. Using the ligament the template can be exactly horizontally aligned.

The template is made from seawater proof and absolutely dimensionally stable polystyrene.

Screw connection through the vessel's side:

Letters with solid metal surfaces are supplied with welded sockets and 100mm threaded bolts. If necessary thread extension sleeves can be especially ordered.

The skizze shows the assembly of a lettering with stainless steel front:

Letters with a coloured film or with laquered surfaces are delivered with rear threaded holes and are screwed directly on through the vessel’s side.

For sealing reasons we deliver compatible sealing rings.

All necessary installation material as well as the appropriate converter boxes are of course provided. Yachtlite letterings can also be glued on the vessel’s side.

Accessories on Request

  • RGB colour control with or without remote control. Also for existing DMX solutions.
  • Dimmer
  • Individual mounting solutions

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