HighLites – Specialities by YACHTLITE

Special solutions are a part of YACHTLITE's everyday life.

Rear side adaptation to hull curvature, special characters, illuminating logos or signs are just some of our HighLites.

Imagination, creativity and individuality are all reflected in YACHTLITE's assortment.

At YACHTLITE we are proud of the unequalled diversity of lettering styles. And, of course it goes without saying that top quality and exclusive workmanship is guaranteed.


Illuminated Lettering with a Noble Porcelain Cover

Your yacht lettering with a high-quality saltwater-proof porcelain cover adding an extra touch of elegance and exclusiveness.

The world premier of this luxury class was celebrated at the Boot 2008 in Duesseldorf, when the grey 75er Bandido "Just 4 Us" displayed her name. These luxurious illuminating covers are an alliance production with Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg, like YACHTLITE also a member of "Deutsche Yachten", and are exclusively manufactured for YACHTLITE.

Special Characters and Signs

YACHTLITE can handle any types of characters such as Japanese, Arabic or Cyrillic or any kind of logo or emblem. According to desires and ideas a wide spectrum of materials and colours amplify the possibilities.

Contact YACHTLITE to discuss your special request.

Hull Curvature Accomodation

For mounting on curved hulls the characters are especially manufactured so that the rear side accomodates for the curvature. This enables a perfect fixation without the use of spacers. For letterings with curvature accomodation we require a template or a data file of the curvature.

The use of spacers is a mounting alternative for hull curvatures, thus bridging over the curvature. For aesthetic reasons we consult with our clients in detail for each individual solution.

Bevelled lettering borders

Add even more elegance to your lettering or a more harmonic fit to the hull of your yacht with bevelled borders. A style which also increases the LED light emission.

Due to the slight front light emission the standard side-illuminating letterings obtain a luminous frame.

One Name, Varied Colours

YACHTLITE's RGB network regulated colour-change process highlights the name of your yacht in more than one colour. Light and colour are controllable either individually or for more than one lettering simultaneously – on request with remote control. The integration in all existing systems is also possible.

Of course the colour change can also be paused at your favourite colour.

PVD-coated surfaces

This absolute trendsetting practice is one of YACHTLITE's specialities. The PVD plasma coating based on stainless steel gives your yacht lettering perfect colouring with greatly increased wear-resistance.

High-performance PVD plasma coating is as good as gold. Not only gold tones but copper, brass, bronze and other nuances are also available.

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