FormLite – Homogeneous Illuminating Elements

Illumination for furniture, ceiling borders and recesses, outdoor equipment and more.

With this novelty YACHTLITE exclusively realises a pressing request from shipyards, designers, outfitters and ship owners, who have long been searching for a homogeneous interior and exterior illumination. The goal – avoiding undesired LED light-spot reflections in glossy surfaces – accomplishes YACHTLITE with “FormLite”. Consequently replacing the customarily distributed light ropes used for illuminating top class furnishings.

The FormLite elements can be made to measure for any form according to received CAD-data files and are optionally equipped with LEDs in neutral-white, warm-white or other popular colours. And, of course RGB colour-change control is also possible.

Yachtlite Hannover Yachtlite Hannover

The illumination output is either the complete narrow side or half the wide side of the element depending on the placement. The minimum size is 10 mm x 30 mm

Yachtlite Hannover Yachtlite Hannover

Connection to every on-board power-supply voltage is made possible with the appropriate converter.

The YACHTLITE team will be happy to answer any questions. For further information or quotes please contact us via our contact form.

Lifestyle elegance

The soft elegant lighting is perfect for interior
and exterior decorations.

Yachtlite Hannover Yachtlite Hannover Yachtlite Hannover

The almost unlimited possibilities invite you to become creative.

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