Details — is there a difference?

YACHTLITE prides itself on its top quality products – the original made in Germany

And, because exclusivity and speciality often invites simulation, we demonstrate here the benefits and qualities of lettering from YACHTLITE.

At YACHTLITE we offer "German engineering" – perfect workmanship and the highest quality material available. We will not supply anything less than the best for our customers. After all, your luxury yacht deserves nothing but the best and her name in lettering must be worthy of her.

Although there are many yachts around the world today with illuminated lettering it is nevertheless easy to recognise a true YACHTLITE product.

Here are some examples what to be aware of when choosing your lettering and why lettering from YACHTLITE is always the best choice.

John Ruskin 1819-1900

"He who buys cheap, buys twice"

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No Unsightly Lightspots

All YACHTLITE letterings are manufactured with single LEDs ensuring perfect homogeneous illumination without distracting and unsightly visible lightspots.

An extraordinary detail, almost unheard of today: at YACHTLITE the single LEDs are embedded in the acryl by hand, guaranteeing perfect workmanship.

Be aware that competitor letterings can be manufactured using LED light ropes or careless workmanship leading to poor, or even malfunctioning illumination. The effect of your lettering is then, in the truest sense of the word, extinguished.

Top Quality Surfaces

Although YACHTLITE offers an extensive range of facings, with various materials, thicknesses, colours or even porcelain covering, each and every character is manufactured to YACHTLITE's high specifications, ensuring remarkable quality and durability.

All yacht letterings are inevitably subjected to severe erosion dangers such as sunlight and seawater but YACHTLITE products continue to radiate unaffected by nature.

Be aware that lesser quality surfaces can become tarnished and dull after being subjected to the forces of nature.

No Visible Fixation

YACHTLITE letterings are mounted using bolts through the hull, side or transom of the vessel. Sealing rings are supplied to ensure that they are completely water-proof.

This ensures that no unsightly screws are visible on the lettering.

Be aware that, when new, some screws can look appealing but time and weather will take its toll and unsightly rust marks are inevitable.

High-Quality Durable Acrylic

Acrylic is a sensitive substance. To endure the elements, illuminated letterings require absolute top quality acrylic. Yellowing or splitted acrylic is not an option for a luxury yacht.

With YACHTLITE products, the LEDs are permanently and optimally protected by special incorporation in highest quality solid acrylic, ensuring long-lasting homogeneous and perfect illumination. Nature can take its course while YACHTLITE letterings continue to shine.

Be aware that saving on the quality of the acrylic can be costly in the long run.

Perfect Mounting

Even the most creative and exciting letterings or symbols can be spoilt by poor mounting. At YACHTLITE it goes without saying that the assembly and mounting of all letterings are precisely calculated.

The team at YACHTLITE plan the perfect mounting of their products in advance and, if needs be, will personally oversee the assembly at the location of the yacht.

Be aware that incorrect mounting can mar the effect of your carefully created lettering design.

Professional Design

What good is it having a flamboyant design of your yacht's name if it is illegible?

At YACHTLITE professional designers and typographers are on hand to give expert advice on how to design your lettering. Taste and feeling for typography combined with experience and technical know-how safeguard against bad design and unreadable lettering.

Be aware that some font types may look impressive in the first instance but, especially as capital letters, are not easily readable.

Weather-Resistant Surface Film

Surface films on yacht letterings face the harsh forces of nature without protection. Sun, wind and saltwater make their mark over time.

YACHTLITE's high quality durable laminated surface films are proven and robust. They don't contract or crack and thus the look of your lettering remains unspoiled by nature's unrelenting forces.

Be aware that inadequate lettering surfaces can become cracked and flawed over time.

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